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Which are the very best dildos available? Regardless of the many claims made, it simply someone's opinion. Below you'll find several that I believe are the best, my opinion is based on unadulterated pleasure provided to me by these dildos. Yep, I'm an experienced player for many years and like most women, I know exactly what pleases me. I'm not interested in a dildo that's more than 2.5 inches thick, hard and not flexible, or one that has prickly spines on the shaft. Although I do enjoy one that's larger than a normal erect penis, I don't care to be stretched to the point of enduring pain. I keep an assortment of styles, types and sizes in my toy box so I can satisfy any desire.   

The best dildos to me are the ones made from Cyberskin, UR3, Futurotic, PVC and Silicone, they are the most satisfying and provide the most intense orgasms. Many are available with a suction cup base and in a variety of sizes and colors and in different styles. With a dab of a quality water base lubricant, I can count on enjoying orgasmic pleasures with any of these excellent products.

squirting dildoSquirting Dildo
You'll more fun with this squirting dildo, just thin down some plain yogurt and have an explosive orgasmic adventure. He measures 7 inches long and 2 inches thick. He's also equipped with a suction cup base.
The Realistic Cock Ur3The Realistic Cock Ur3
The Ur3 has a very sensuous real feel, some say they cannot feel the difference from a real erect cock of the same size. This big boy measures overall 9.5 inches, 8 insertable and 2 inches across. He has a great set of balls with a suction cup base that will stick on any smooth surface for a fun adventure.
Flash Brown Signature CockFlash Brown Signature Cock
The soft feel is very lifelike with throbbing veins and huge balls, you’ll swear it’s the real thing. It's one of the best dildos of it's size and price, he measures 11.75 inches overall
(11 insertable) and 2.7 inches thick. He's also equipped with a suction cup base.
        Cyberskin Gonzo
If your desire is to have a cock larger than you have now, this 11.5 inch long and 2.5 inch Cyberskin dildo is excellent. For me, he's the best of the larger dildos. The long shaft is long and very flexible with a suction cup base.
Kong attachment
Kong attachment
I believe Kong to be one of the most realistic dildos in appearance I've ever seen. He has a real looking head, veined shaft, and a set of balls with pubic hair. He also ranks high in my best dildos list, he measures 2.25 inches thick with about 7.5 inches of insertable length, that's enough for me. It goes without saying, but here goes, use lots of lube and enjoy him often. 
6 inch ultra skin cock
6 inch ultra skin cock
This bad boy is made from one of the new materials called Ultra Skin, and I have to say it feels very natural. He has a realistic head although it's colored funny, I don't care about that, I just like the way he feels. He's only 6 inches long and 1.75 inches wide, but very satisfying. He's always ready to please you.
Tantus Silicone - Silk LargeTantus Silicone - Silk Large
Depending on what your desire is, this is one of the best dildos ever, he isn't huge, but he's smooth as silk. It's made from hygienic silicone that cleans easily, ever if you go anal, and he's a good one to use for back door pleasure. He measures 6.5" long and 1.5" thick,  he's a great orgasmic tool. It's also good size for anal sex. 
10.25 Inch Homeboy - Fauxskin - Flesh10.25 Inch Homeboy
This big boy is 10.25" in overall length with a full 8 inches insertable. He's has a fat 2.25" girth, enough to fill most of our vagina's or anus. Be sure to add plenty of water based lubricant as he''s much larger that an average size erect cock. If you love that full feeling, then here you go, just go slow and easy, maybe even warm up with a smaller dildo.
Double trouble slender bender - blue 17inDouble trouble slender bender 17"
I'm sure you're wondering why a double dildo, let me explain. I believe most of us have fantasies of being ravaged by two men at the same time, with this bad boy you're in control. He measures 1.5" thick, good for anal and vaginal at the same time. Be adventurous and have fun with one of these best dildos.
Life Forms 9 Big Boy Red W/suc. CupBig Boy 12in
Remember, the best dildos are the ones that provide the most pleasure, like this big boy. He's a whopping 12" long and 2.2" wide. Be sure to add plenty of water based luricant, it makes insertion easier and enhances the sexual pleasure.
General - RedBree Olson cock
This big fellow provides a little something extra with the raised veins on his shaft. He's made with hygienic silicone and with a dab of lube gets slippery. He measures overall 9.75 inches long and a pleasurable 2 inches thick, it's a little bit larger than average.
Hoss BlackHoss Black
He is an oversized dildo being 11 inches long and 2.75" thick, it certainly takes an experienced user for this beast. It's a very high quality silcone product that will last for years with proper care. Use water base lube on silcone sex toys. product.
CyberSkin CyberCockCyberSkin CyberCock
The very best dildos are the ones that provide explosive orgasms for years to come. This one will do that for you, he measures 7.25" long with 6 insertabe and 1.5" thick. Todays sex toys that are made of the new type materials are far superior than the latex models of yesteryear. With a little care, they'll last a long time providing many sensuous moments along the way.
Tyler Knight's Futurotic CockTyler Knight's Futurotic Cock
This one is like getting the real deal with a porn star, he's terrific. It's an actual cast of Tyler Knight’s erect cock that's hand finished to the exact details. It has a suction cup base with a multi-speed vibe.  He measures 7.5" long (6 insertable0 and 2" wide, very fulfilling. He's made of a new lifelike material.
Watch the informational video on this product. Add plenty of lube for this big guy.
star performer dildoWildfire® Star Performer
This big boy is made from realistic materials, they warm to body temperature quickly and feel just like the real thing. He's very long measuring 17 inches overall, 13.25 insertable inches and 2.9 inches thick. Harness compatible suction cup base. When using an o-ring harness only use stretchy rings. The metal ones may damage the skin. Waterproof non-vibrating probe can be used to stimulate the clitoris, vagina, g-spot and anus. Made in USA.
Real Man CyberSkinReal Man CyberSkin
I love Cyberskin, so that's why this guy is  on my best dildos list, he's just awesome. He measures 8" long and 2.2" thick, large enough to be fulfilling, but not so big he's painful. You gotta try some of these dildos made from the new materials, they truly do have a lifelike feel. Make an effort to enhance your sex life, it doen't cost much. Watch the informational video on this product to help you decide whice of these great products will become the best dildo for you.


It's certainly important to use an adequate amount of lube with dildos to optimize your sexual pleasure, I recommend water base lubricants, they work very well and are easy to clean. A mild hand soap works well with warm water and there are many sex toy commercial cleaners available. Don't put it off another day, get the courage to order one of these best dildos, you'll forever be glad you did. All orders are shipped promptly and in discreet packaging.

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To get the most pleasure from your dildo, chose the material they are made from carefully, as intensity varies. The material your sex toy is made from makes a difference in your choice such as sensations in feel, lifespan of your toy, cost, cleaning, care and other things. There's a large variety of types, styles and sizes and each is designed for a particular purpose. The realistic model will suit a user that wants one to be very similar to a real male penis. Some have a suction-cup base that allows the user to attach the sex toy to a flat surface making it possible to enjoy hands-free masturbation.

The strap-on dildo is designed for being a part of harness wear and allows hand free use. The popular double-ended model has both ends designed for penetration with a partner or to be used as a double penetrator.  Most are dildos are made from silicone, latex, plastic and PVC (aka jelly rubber), Cyberskin as well as many other modern materials, each one having its advantages and disadvantages. The most common use is for female masturbation, mutual masturbation, getting ready for intercourse, helping a woman to achieve orgasm, lesbian and gay sex.

There are many ways to explore and enjoy the sexual pleasures these toys can add to your sex life. To achieve even more pleasure from your sex toy don’t forget a good lubricant, arousal should be first before inserting your dildo and be slow for a more sensual pleasure. The fun and excitement can be fulfilling.